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We make a positive impact on global water challenges

We save, we care, we grow

Extreme rainfall and extreme drought… The effects of climate change have been evident for years. As a consequence, we are increasingly experiencing natural disasters around the world. Every year this leads to thousands of victims, both humans and animals. As a water company we feel responsible to help solve these global challenges and support, among others, Goal 6 of the United Nations: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all. For more information on this goal, visit United Nations’ website.

MegaGroup and its companies are at the heart of society and strongly aware of our social responsibility. We take our responsibility by doing business in a sustainable way, both within the organisation and working with our customers and suppliers. That’s why we initiated our CSR program called Aeternum. With this program we hope to make changes, take action and support others to positively maximise the impact we have on the planet. Our goal is not only to be sustainable in business, socially and environmentally, but to instill it in our company culture and the way we work. For our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Pillars of our csr policy


We take responsibility by providing and innovating water-efficient products, reducing our greenhouse gas emission to NetZero and by contributing to a circular economy.

Governance & culture

We are creating awareness among all employees and integrate CSR policies and sustainable decision-making guidelines for all stakeholders to develop a future proof business together.


With our WaterStarters Foundation, we want to radically improve the situation for 1.5 million Kenyans in water stressed areas in the coming 7 years. 

more about our csr program


Every human being should have access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water.

Our belief is that every human being should have access to safe and affordable water and that no one should suffer from waterborne related diseases. Therefore we want to radically improve this situation for 1.5 million Kenyans in water stress areas in the coming 7 years.

To achieve these goals, MegaGroup and Amref Flying Doctors have joined forces to create synergy in their two core competences: water supply systems and community-led health promotion. This has led to the development of a social enterprise named WaterStarters (WS): a franchise that will renovate and/or build 600 boreholes, impacting the economic and health situation in rural and peri-urban Kenyan communities, offering impact financiers and donors an effective and sustainable program to finance.

Join us

At MegaGroup and our affiliated companies you can always be sure of a competitive salary, training and development opportunities, a positive working atmosphere in a dynamic team and good working conditions. We are a progressive organisation with challenging growth plans. No two days are the same. Does this sound like the right company for you? Then check whether there’s an interesting job opening for you and apply!